Kudos to CNN for adding to our country’s unity rather than to its divisiveness by airing the interview with a Syria chemical attack survivor praising President Trump’s strike against the Syrian airfield.

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Foster FriessGod Bless,

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  • I saw you on CNN helping all the people out that were in the tornado. You are truly an inspiration. God bless

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster- This was indeed essential insight into how native Syrians feel about their future. Thank God we were able to hear this man’s plea. Our previous President has no conscience for the pain he’s caused to thousands of Syrians. He also has no shame when he can stand in front of America and tell us that it took more courage for him to decide to do nothing 6 years ago than it did for President Trump to act on this horrendous problem a month ago. We are likely to be in these battles for quite a while. It is wise to recognize that the initial attacks against America will always show Distraction… Disinformation… Disruption… Destruction. Our opponents recognize no law, assault Liberty, will endure any insult, and will NEVER honor God. Blessings on us all.

  • Samuel Teasdale says:

    That brings peace to my mind and makes me realize I was wrong to be critical of Trump for telling the Russians we would attack.

    These nations around Israel must have experienced the ruin God brings upon nations who rise against Israel.

    The middle eastern neighbors of Israel should bless Israel and be thankful that Israel has no interest in conquering other than the lands within its God given borders.

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