….in the article itself, it goes on to say….”VEB, a Russian state-run bank…financed a deal involving Donald Trump’s ONETIME (my accentuation) partner” !!!!

Then the article says the former partner’s funding came from proceeds of a sale of a separate company, a Ukrainian steelmaker, the former partner sold “involving” the Russian VEB bank. The “involvement” was supposedly that the VEB Russian bank initiated the purchase and provided the funding for the sale by the former partner of his Ukrainian company.

It shocks me that the Wall Street Journal, which I have always perceived as well-balanced, published a headline which creates innuendo that President Trump did something wrong.

Send me examples of similar distortions. I have several avenues of disseminating so we can Return Civility to our culture by revealing Truth.

God Bless,



  • Brad Hopkins says:

    Lord help us!! Thank you for these perceptive updates.

  • Richard McPherson says:

    Friday, May 19, 2017

    Dear Foster:

    First, thank you for all you do for Americans and to preserve our country under the United States Constitution.

    It is apparent the left is desperate to not loose the gains made of the past decades by Americans waking up and voting for Donald Trump last November to not have the Clintons back in the White House, also with Clinton Inc., controlling our federal government, and decision making to stay on the path of America being a welfare state.

    When the “Wall” finally fell thanks to President Ronald Reagan working with other national leaders, it became a policy of the United States as Congress knows full well, to help educate Russian Bankers. I know because I was involved teaching people from the Russian Central Bank about International Project Funding. During the next decade thousands of American firms helped by the Clinton administration, and essentially all of America’s financial institutions were trying to do business with Russian companies and banks, throughout what had been the Eastern Bloc Countries including the Ukraine.

    Sheraton Hotels in 1987, was one of my clients in Hong Kong. I watched as Sheraton, J.W. Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and others entertained and educated Russians and other former Eastern Bloc people in attempts to have major United States flag hotels in all those countries. It’s ludicrous to think people from the former Eastern Bloc Countries were not also talking to people in the Trump organization or people who knew people within the Trump organization, including most likely Donald Trump himself.

    What we read in the Wall Street Journal is a sad commentary on what was at one time a credible source of business and financial news. In my opinion, anything Donald Trump did or anyone in the Trump organization did with former Eastern Bloc People including banks, was business that would benefit Americans and help create more freedom in former communist countries.

    Again, thank you for all you do for Americans.


    Richard McPherson
    1843 W Sugar Crest St.
    Eagle, Idaho 83616

  • Lynn Wigton says:

    We all need to call the White House and tell the President that we are behind him. Call him at 202-456-1111, Monday thru Friday, 9 to 4. He needs our support. He also needs those Republicans in Washington to support him, even if they don’t like his personality. They need to start legislating and stop investigating!

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