Evidence:  Anderson Cooper apologizes to his national audience for a crude remark he made about Donald Trump. (See my email to him below)

Secondly during a meeting with Senator John McCain, a constant critic of President Trump, he said he was upset with President Trump’s interaction with the presidents of Philippines and North Korea but then went on to say:

Donald Trump has put together one of the most outstanding Cabinets in the history of the Presidency.

More and more each day, Everyday Americans are getting turned off by calls for impeachment and “let’s get to the bottom of this Russian connection.” You would think unleashing 59 Tomahawk missiles on a key Russian ally would represent a degree of independence of President Trump from “his pal, Putin.”

Both California’s Democratic  U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein and the Head Cheerleader for impeachment  Democratic U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters admit on national television that there exists no evidence of this collusion. The latter refuses to enumerate any wrongdoing to justify her calls for impeachment.

Everyday Americans, including Everyday Democrats are not nasty people. They are turned off by the 100 students who walked out of Vice-President Mike  Pence’s commencement address at Notre Dame. They are turned off by media reports of the small group who walked out without mentioning the thousands who remained in their seats and  booed the showboaters.

They are turned off by the booing U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos received during her commencement speech at Batethune-Cookman University. They are embarrassed for the 13-year-old and his parents, who told Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, while visiting him in his office, that he cared more about his party than his country.

Everyday Americans could care less who had more attendees at Inaugural festivities.

Republicans are tired of, and Everyday Democrats are embarrassed by the constant whining and sore loser sentiments expressed on a daily basis.

But you must listen to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. While there are very few political positions on which Republicans would agree with him, he deserves affirmation (send him an email like the one I sent to Anderson Cooper) for his honest and forthright and, for him as a CNN star, probably brave assessment.  There are going to be lots of people unhappy with his comments. God bless you, Fareed, for your honesty and integrity and boldness. Your comments may mark a turn in our nation’s psyche.

(Tap Fareed’s forehead in the above image and his cogent remarks will appear in the 3+ min video)

(CNN) Fareed Zakaria said Saturday that though many liberals think they are tolerant, often they aren’t.Zakaria noted that “at the height of commencement season,” many new graduates across the country had made their political views apparent, from the Notre Dame students who walked out as Vice President Mike Pence gave his commencement address to the crowd members who booed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos during a speech at Bethune-Cookman University.”American universities seem committed to every kind of diversity except intellectual diversity. Conservative voices and views are being silenced entirely,” Zakaria said.

The CNN host said he found this attitude strange, especially given that these incidents occurred on college campuses that “promised to give their undergraduates a liberal education.””The word liberal in this context has nothing to do with today’s partisan language, but refers instead to the Latin root, pertaining to liberty. And at the heart of liberty in the Western world has been freedom of speech. From the beginning, people understood that this meant protecting and listening to speech with which you disagreed,” Zakaria argued.
That means, he said, not drowning out “the ideas that we find offensive.”In addition, Zakaria noted what he called “an anti-intellectualism” on the left.”It’s an attitude of self-righteousness that says we are so pure, we’re so morally superior, we cannot bear to hear an idea with which we disagree,” he said.”Liberals think they are tolerant but often they aren’t,” he added.No one, he continued, “has a monopoly on right or virtue.”In fact, it is only by being open to hearing opposing views that people on both sides of the political spectrum can learn something, Zakaria said.”By talking seriously and respectfully about agreements and disagreements, we can come together in a common conversation,” he said.”Recognizing that while we seem so far apart, we do actually have a common destiny.”                                                     ______________________

My email to CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

Anderson, you and I have never met except for a fleeting glance years ago when you were entering a NYC restaurant and I was departing…..

I just want to affirm you and admire you for the courage of your apology that you recently articulated.  You could very well be launching the beginning of a return to civility by your colleagues in the media with your gesture.

You and I are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum, but I just wanted to let you know that you deserve a pat on the back for your apology.

Have a Philippians 4:8 sort of day.

God Bless,
Foster (:>)*****



  • anna gilbert says:

    Love your ‘sign off’ Made me open my Bible

  • David Zuniga says:

    Brother, I had not seen your site for over a year…Boy howdy! Beautifully done, and great ministries that you and your bride are supporting.

    Thank you for your seasoned words, and for showing an altogether too rare side of American Christianity. Our fellow believers are too often coming off exactly as irascible (including cursing) as “the other side”. We are only one ‘side’ in this republic; the trajectory of our civilization will not veer from God’s judgment until we begin modeling Christ rather than acrimony.

    Yes, there are hard things ahead; Washington DC is without a doubt deep-captured and operating as organized crime. This is many generations old, however; most people on both sides don’t know how to beat it, so they acquiesce. There is a way ahead; back to rule of law and to common courtesy. But it begins by getting on our face before the LORD, and then being tougher on that person in the mirror than anyone else, until we improve.

    May the LORD continue to bless you for your beautiful work!

    David M Zuniga
    Founder, AmericaAgain.net

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