Visitors to Jackson Hole include a lot of Californians who come from a very liberal perspective. I was delighted to develop a friendship with one man who shared that the 32 young folks in his engineering group, for a major technology company, had never read the Bible.

I asked with genuine curiosity,“How can anyone in the western world consider themselves educated if they’ve never read The Bible?!”

My friend seemed open to learning more.

I continued, “Have you hiked in Grand Teton National Park?”  “Yes!,” he said, “That’s why we’re here.” I asked him to imagine that same hike without a trail map. He laughed. “We’d be lost,” he said.

I suggested that The Bible is a reliable trail map on this curious blue planet full of questions, false summits, joys and pains. Its author invites us into the big story of a loving Creator, a good creation, a tragic fall and the gift of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Its “Ten Commandments” are the basis of Common Law in nations that end slavery and seek justice for all. In the New Testament, Jesus teaches us to trust him, to risk, to lead and to love. God’s “Word” is our guide for growing his Kingdom of love, against many odds.

The Bible formed the soul and mind of Saint Augustine, Saint Francis, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mother Teresa and countless millions lives of quiet kindness. To know the Bible is to begin to understand the inspiration for goodness, and greatness. It was once the basis for education in America, Europe and much of Africa. As we forget it, our lives and cultures suffer.

My friend agreed and was very open to the notion that it might be a good idea for him to become acquainted with some of the key concepts which have influenced society and culture over the centuries.

Below is the link to a gift I sent to him, The Bible as an audio recording (Breathe), in which another friend, Kevin Sorbo, is “the voice of God.” Kevin starred in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and God’s Not Dead. He promotes and acts in other Christian films. Kevin and his talented wife, Sam, are two of the nicest folks you could ever run across, and they both love America so much, as well.

Breathe Bible: to purchase the audio New Testament.

For free use of Scripture from a phone or computer, but not to download, check out Bible Gateway.

Perhaps there is someone in your life who could appreciate the ultimate trail map and would enjoy these gifts that Kevin Sorbo sent to me.

Enjoy the climb!

God Bless,

Let’s all of us promote Civility.
Together We’ll Get There!


  • Nancy says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to spread God’s word and helping those in need. We live in Spooner and know of all you have done to help tornado victims. God bless. Phil an! Nancy

  • St. Francis said: “The only thing ever achieved in life without effort is failure. “

  • Jan latko says:

    THIS is beautiful!!!!! Especially before Independence Day. Will share with my pastor in Chgo- we are 8,000 plus strong. He will love it. Thx Foster for your love of the Lord!!!!!!

  • Angela Colby, Ph.D. says:

    What a beautiful and uplifting story. I pray that your gift is the beginning of a beautiful journey for this young couple

  • Ted Loyd says:

    Great analogy Foster, a great way for individuals to share , who have trouble sharing the Gospel with non believers . Thanks for sharing. Please say hi to Lynn for me.

  • What a great analogy of what the Bible (God’s Word) does for us as we journey through life. As Psalm 119:105 says, “Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.” I can personally testify that God has guided me in every aspect of my life, through His Word. I would be utterly lost otherwise. God gives me overall direction but also shows me very personally and specifically what decisions to make for my life, family and ministry through His Word – the Bible. There is no other book like it! As the American Express commercial used to say, “Don’t leave home without it.” Well, in regards to the Bible, “Don’t live life without it.”

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