In this 10-minute CNBC Squawk Box appearance, Foster asserts that Trump has become a victim bullied by the media and is gaining supporters who see through the distorted press depiction.


  • Bill Entringer says:

    So true! Trump’s extemporaneous speeches are creating an opportunity for the media to strike at him. He needs a better speech writer to nuance the speeches and eliminate that opportunity. Most of what he has said is fine, especially if you read the words. Never in my life have I ever seen a media dedicated to destroying a President. It is shameful!

  • Jay Malthaner says:

    Foster has it right. I personally hope that Foster will offer to help Trump. He needs clear wisdomly counsel inside the White House. More than that, Trump needs Godly counsel and I don’t think Pence is able to do it alone.

    Jay Malthaner

  • Jon malinski says:

    Great job!!! your message was strong, clear and you didn’t back away Andrew….5 star performance.

  • Outstanding interview Foster! We’re so proud of seeing you stand up for what’s right, regardless of the insanity that’s being perpetrated by the #FAKE NEWS. Praying for you, your team and families. God bless!!

  • Kimberly Gienko says:

    President Trump can work circles around most people. Our President could get 8 years of work done in 8 weeks if our government was not so broken.
    Pray for the President !

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