Foster discusses the reasoning behind his potential run for Wyoming US Senator with Shery Ahn and David Gura on Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power in this six-minute video. He describes several issues important to America that he would be positioned to champion as US Senator….Issues such as PatientsUSA and the betrayal of the Kurds.

PatientsUSA is advocating for the patient in the healthcare debate, where currently, the patient has no voice. Everyone can sign the petition at requiring all providers of healthcare products and services to publish prices.



  • Fritz Steiger says:

    Go for it, Foster!! I’m with you and will help anyway that I can!!

  • Lynn Waterhouse says:

    Foster, Wondered how long it would take you to jump in and express what we fight for with our votes. Congratulations on your decision. You have a great following amongst us. Lynn, Rice Lake Alumni ’57

  • Mary Kiel says:

    Hi Foster, I think it would be great you would run for the Senate seat against Barrasso. You have kept people updated regularly and you have some great ideas to get people involved. I do not like the republican establishment as they don’t get anything done. RE: the getting the prices published, I have another friend who was without insurance (like I have been since 2008 thinks to health plan put in place.) When she found a place she could afford to get a MRI done, the doctor she went to would not accept the MRI unless it came from a certain hospital etc. So, the doctors and hospitals are part of this problem of high health care prices.
    If you run, also make sure you have the webmaster that help donald trump’s campaign. I saw the story on TV, 60 Minutes. Great story and brad was brilliant and used the internet very well. He was relatively unknown until he got the call to do the website. His name is Brad Pascale at: You have my support for a successful campaign! Even though I don’t live in Wyoming, ( Idid at for 3 years and loved it), lived next door in Colorado and have people I know in both states.

  • Foster ! Follow through ! Though occasionally not in total accord to your offered opinion——particularly, in regard to your literal beliefs in Jesus, oft used as a political entree, you are consistent in your delivery———-contrasting to those now publishing their book, such, historically, as a typical politician, changing his/her stance on important issues, such as constraint of Israel, dependent on the change of the wind. Go for it !! Charlie P.S Health care costs are excessive due to high delivery costs and the sustained underwriting of a high profit medical insurance industry. Return to triaging at the home by a private physician and allow off shore purchase of medicine and surgical procedures. CMW

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