We must get our financial house in order. Wyoming must become the 48th state to reveal its checkbook to the people. It is an embarrassment to the state that we have not done so.

Even with the little financial data, the state does release we found that the Department of Education spent $35,000 on a magician to entertain teachers during a STEM conference. Another $717 million dollars was spent on “no-bid” contracts, many to out-of-state vendors.

We’re calling on every elected official from school board members to the Governor to sign our pledge to open Wyoming’s checkbook to the people. Sign and share our pledge and contact your elected officials and encourage them to sign the pledge.

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Total Transparency Pledge

I’m eager to support Wyoming’s becoming the 48th state to reveal to the people every expenditure of all government entities by embracing the efforts of OpenTheBooks.com  and thereby ridding Wyoming of its “F” rating by the Center for Public Integrity.

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Share the Pledge

  • Senator Eli Bebout, Riverton
  • Representative Bo Biteman, Ranchester
  • Bob Bonnar, Newcastle
  • Representative Landon Brown, Cheyenne
  • Bill Dahlin, Sheridan
  • Senator Diemer True, Casper
  • Foster Friess, Jackson
  • Sam Galeotos, Cheyenne
  • Representative Chuck Gray, Casper
  • Harriet Hageman, Cheyenne
  • Representative Marti Halverson, Etna
  • Senator John Hastert, Green River
  • Dr. Taylor Haynes, Laramie
  • Representative Bill Henderson, Cheyenne
  • John Holtz, Laramie
  • Representative Allen Jaggi, Lyman
  • Senator Tom James, Rock Springs
  • Representative Mark Jennings, Sheridan
  • Representative Dan Laursen, Powell
  • Treasurer Curt Meier, Cheyenne
  • Representative Garry Piiparinen, Evanston
  • Representative Tim Salazar, Dubois
  • Senator Wendy Schuler, Evanston
  • Darin Smith, Cheyenne
  • Bill Sniffin, Lander
  • Anthony Van Risseghem, Cheyenne
  • Representative Nathan Winters, Thermopolis

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Call your elected officials and ask if they're supporting the State of Wyoming opening its books to the people.

47 others states have... why not Wyoming?

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